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You can collect ME any day, if you know what I mean..

Trading Cards
Community Edition
User Number: 841079
Date Created:2003-01-05
Number of Posts: 7

Clod Ballz, a being shrouded with mystery and controversy, is probably the sexiest beast you will ever see in your whole entire life. With his wild eyes and his charismatic face, he is sure to draw you into his magical world of BALLZ.
Strengths: Is dead sexy, looks absolutely stunning in a thong, looks right at home when superimposed over anything that anyone can dream up,
Weaknesses: He has yet to detach from his photographic state and wander around, proving to us that he is a real boy. Oh but we know. Our faith runs deep. ..but it\'d be nice to see him in PERSON, damnit.
Special Skills: Can win over the most cynical of persons, demonstrates this aura of pure animal magnetism without ever saying a word, and is a champion pole dancer.
Weapons: Thongs, his sexy sexy self, spooky eyes, BALLZ, possession of some really CLOD BALLZ, and being a lurve god.
Public Opinion: Legendary and unique, a wonderful man, renowned in his time, and in our left aortas.

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